Finding Guilt Free and Healthy Movie Night Snacks

Finding Guilt Free and Healthy Movie Night Snacks

When we watch movies, we tend to snack more than we would otherwise. Let's face it, snacks are one of the best parts of any movie night, right? Our snacking choices, however, don't have to unravel any progress we are making toward a healthier lifestyle.

There are ways to find guilt-free and healthy movie night snacks that allow you to stay on track while also fulfilling that desire for something sweet or salty during your movie.

Homemade Popcorn

Instead of dumping loads of butter on your popcorn, why not opt for a healthier popcorn alternative? There are many popcorn recipes you can find that are under 150 calories. They can be customized to fulfill any kind of craving you may have, whether it is sweet, savory, or even spicy.

Air-popped popcorn flavored with dry herbs, spices, and other seasonings is a great way to get the snack you want without all the added calories.

Sweet Potato Chips

Instead of grabbing a bag of greasy potato chips for your movie night snack, you should instead bake a few sweet potatoes to create your healthier movie night snack option. Sweet potatoes are high in vitamins B4, C, and D and promote healthy bones. After baking your sweet potato chips, you can flavor them with dried rosemary and sea salt.

Still craving something salty? Reach for a bag of kale chips. They are crunchy and packed full of nutrition without all the calories.

Skip the Candy

Instead of candy, you can choose healthier options like sweet apple slices. You can pair those apple slices with some peanut butter for an even tastier snack option. Yogurt, granola, and dried fruit are great options for a sweet treat as well.

There are also calorie controlled cookies that you can make yourself or purchase from the store. It will give you that bit of sweet you want without the added calories.

Snack Pack Options

Raw veggies, low-fat cheese cubes, whole grain crackers, almonds, and walnuts are all great snacking options for the movies or even when you are just on the move. They pack away easily and can be carried with you. When choosing the nuts, however, you want to make sure to measure out a serving size and don't overdo it.

Tips and Tricks

In addition to the tasty snack options above, there are other ways you can remain healthy - even at the movies. Pack a protein bar. It is easy to grab and go and comes in a variety of different options to satisfy any craving you may have. If you love sweets, you can also choose to take with you some lollipops or other hard candy to suck on. They are typically low in calories and take a lot longer to consume than the other snacks.

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