4 Popular Diets And How They Work

4 Popular Diets And How They Work

Diet control is an important part of living in modern times. It’s all too easy to consume more calories than you need and miss out on important nutrients like vitamins and minerals, so just eating the sweetest and saltiest food you can find isn’t the way to maintain a healthy diet. That’s why there are tons of diet options you can use to point you to the good stuff and keep your weight down, but if you want to know which foods are right for you then you should know what each one does.

1. Veganism

Vegetarians avoid eating any meat from animals. Vegans go one step further and avoid any sort of animal product like eggs, milk, and butter. Sticking to a vegan diet can be harder than it seems since butter is in a lot of bread and other baked goods, plus people in the United States usually get their protein from meat and eggs. However, it’s still possible to get all the essential amino acids by choosing the right combination of foods like quinoa, soybeans, seitan (wheat gluten), beans, and nuts.

2. Gluten-Free Diet

Wheat gluten may or may not be health hazard, but many people are discovering that they have Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity when they go on a gluten-free diet and their health quickly improves. It also doesn’t help that American wheat has a higher gluten content than in other countries thanks to centuries of selective breeding. Gluten is another ingredient that’s hard to avoid in the bakery section, but thankfully there are other grains like corn and rice with little to no gluten and a growing number of gluten-free breads, pastas, and pastries.

3. Mediterranean Diet

The idea behind the Mediterranean diet is that the people who live in Italy, Greece, and other Mediterranean countries seem to live much healthier while still eating tasty foods. The diet doesn’t have any particular restrictions, but it emphasizes things like whole-grain foods, beans, nuts, seeds, and using vegetables as the star of the dinner plate instead of meat. It also uses a lot of healthy vegetarian fats, particularly olive oil, and a larger percentage of fish meals.

4. Keto Diet 

The ketogenic diet is the latest version of the low-carb, high-fat diet. The point of the diet is to kick-start your body’s weight loss by starving it of the carbohydrates you normally need to power your body. This is because your body will burn fat molecules for energy when it doesn’t get enough carbs to keep going. The diet does what it says it will do, but starving your body this way comes with risks and can make exercising difficult.

No matter what kind of diet you stick to, it’s important to find tasty meals and healthy ingredients so that you’ll be able to keep it going over the long run and not give in to temptation. Part of that means finding restaurants that offer meals that meet your dietary needs, and one great place to visit is Lazy Daisy. If you live near one of our locations, you’ll get good food that won’t make you feel guilty afterwards.